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For ALL  Cincinnatians

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John is running for City Council because he is fed up with the dysfunction and pay to play schemes at City Hall. He is tired of seeing his fellow Cincinnatians be ignored, while those on council line their pockets with bribes from developers. John believes that council members need to enrich the lives of Cincinnatians, not themselves. We are recovering from the impact of COVID-19. Many of us are physically and mentally exhausted. We need a trustworthy city council that we can depend upon to help us recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you are white, black or brown, this economy should work for you. You should have access to jobs that pay a livable wage. An education that moves your children forward and neighborhoods that are safe places to live and raise a family. For too long, our neighborhoods have been ignored. Our roads and bridges are falling apart while only a select few have been able to get ahead. We need equity, inclusion and justice from the leaders at City Hall.

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