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John Maher is currently a construction project leader that is focused on affordable housing and homeownership. He understands that homeownership is a path forward towards generational wealth. For too long, this privilege was only available to certain members of our society. John has dedicated his life to making sure that homeownership is available to more than just a few. John Maher is a bridge-builder and a way maker. John loves to serve people in an effort to uplift and protect his community. John Maher came from humble beginnings. His father was a union worker in the auto industry and his mother was a bus driver who would later become a pillar in her community as a devoted and life-changing activist. A lifelong Cincinnati resident, John attended The School of Creative and Performing Arts and Hughes High School. He later attended the University of Cincinnati. Maher considers himself fortunate to have been involved in youth sports and extracurricular activities such as Boy Scouts. John is no stranger to hard work. He had his first paying job with a cleaning service at twelve years old. At thirteen, he worked at a local restaurant cleaning dishes and busing tables. John had several jobs in the service and manufacturing industries until he reached the age of 22. At this point he transitioned to the construction field, working closely with and for neighborhood nonprofit revitalization corporations. John is now a master craftsman and leads job sites where he coordinates diverse groups of people united towards a common goal. As a project leader John believes that all people should have an opportunity. He offers and advocates employment opportunities to minority-owned businesses and youth from the neighborhood. John Maher believes that one can battle systemic racism by whom you choose to work with and for and by paying them a livable wage. John understands the struggle of the working class. He knows that many of us are working hard to maintain what we have and many of us are struggling to stay afloat. John is not against corporations profiting but stands for the dignity of the working class. He supports raising the minimum wage and good-paying union jobs. John Maher is also an avid outdoorsman and environmentalist. He believes that we can raise the standards in our city by pursuing the Green Cincinnati Plan. This plan lays out strategies towards improving air and water quality, creating jobs, and green technology. This would put Cincinnati on track to be a leader in the green revolution. John is a kind-hearted man and will work tirelessly and diligently to improve the quality of life for all Cincinnatians. John knows that most of us would prefer the dignity of a job and intends to find ways to bring more good-paying jobs to Cincinnati. John envisions a Cincinnati that is tackling its affordable housing crisis. A city that is bridging the gap on the racial divide. A city that is leading reforms in criminal justice. A city that responds to a drug epidemic and provides services to the homeless and those struggling with poverty and mental health challenges. John Maher knows that we have a great city and that we are doing a lot of things correctly. We are fortunate to have a strong art and restaurant scene, a multitude of parks and green spaces and a wonderful river. We have fortune 500 companies, major sports teams, and phenomenal people. Like any other city, we have our challenges. However, we can create a more united city. We can create a city where equity, inclusion and justice is synonymous with the word Cincinnati. John Maher sees a Cincinnati that is creating the jobs of the future in the Green Technology industry. He sees a Cincinnati that is a tourist destination and an all out wonderful place to live and raise a family. Join our team. Come and build with us!


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