Issues impacting Cincinnati

Maher is a native Cincinnatian dedicated to enriching the lives of ALL Cincinnati residents. Maher is currently a construction project manager focused on affordable housing and homeownership. He has served his community for 20 years in neighborhood revitalization, community development, and outreach programs actively cleaning up the city.

Maher is on a mission to uplift the residents of this city, preserve the dignity of the people and expand on the things that make our city great. He would be proud to have your support and earn your vote. Please join our campaign and vote for John Maher on Nov. 2nd! 

My Plans for Cincinnati

I plan to take a multifaceted approach to reinvigorate the City of Cincinnati.  My efforts will lead to an expanded tax base wherein we can provide better quality resources for all:

Recovery from the pandemic

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have put a strain on many people throughout our city. Too many Cincinnatians are struggling with job loss, reduced hours and wages, and mental and physical exhaustion. We must do everything we can to keep families in their homes and get people/businesses back to work. We must get people the services that they need. This starts with a City Council that is devoted to enriching the lives of Cincinnatians, not themselves. Cincinnatians must be able to trust that their City Council can and will function for them! As a councilman, I’ll be dedicated to the equitable growth, recovery, and prosperity of each of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods. I’ll help Cincinnatians make ends meet, keep families in their homes, and invest in our workers. We will provide assistance to small businesses and help restaurants stay afloat by providing them with the tools they need to thrive. We will move our city into the future by implementing the Green Cincinnati Plan. Not only will this take action on climate and justice, but it will also provide good-paying job opportunities for Cincinnatians.


Affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization

Housing stability is essential to the security and dignity of our citizens. Now is the time to address affordable housing! This means committing to strategies that bring everyone to the table and being dedicated to funding the Affordable Housing Trust. As a council member, I will pursue creative solutions to leverage city dollars. We will partner with institutional philanthropies, corporations, builders, and especially the federal government to raise the funds necessary to have a serious impact and progress on this issue. We will work directly with builders dedicated to inclusive affordable housing. We will cut the red tape and bureaucracy around zoning and development rules that restrict affordable housing. We will create an office of neighborhood development specifically tasked with helping communities develop revitalization plans. Other cities are tackling this issue and so must we.  We are also going to get serious about tenant rights. Too many tenants are afraid to report bad landlords out of fear of retaliation and/or eviction. Many residents are unaware of how to report slumlords. The city must establish a housing court to hold bad landlords accountable and support tenants and homeowners who want to grow with their neighborhoods.  As a councilman, I will work to level the playing field in eviction court by securing access to legal services for tenants unable to afford representation.  Affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization are essential to our cities prosperity and pride.


Public safety

For our city to truly thrive, residents need to feel safe and protected. Police and fire departments receive the majority of our city’s budget because their work is essential. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our city experienced a historic rise in crime. In order to provide safety and security within all 52 neighborhoods, our relationship with the local police force is critical. We must be focused on building trusted and healthy relationships. Healthy, respectful relationships between the police and the communities they serve are of the utmost importance. This starts by leaning upon the things that we know to work - police officers being active parts of the communities that they serve and walking the beat and maintaining positive relationships with those they protect. City-sponsored youth services with a focus on police and community events are all important tools to combat crime. Community centers and outreach programs to engage children and give them opportunities to stay off of the streets are crucial. Continuing conversations on police-community relationships and increased community engagement with local law enforcement are also necessary.


Crisis response is a top priority. Many of the calls that are placed to 911 do not always require a police officer. As a councilman, I will look for ways to make services more efficient and effective. I will look for ways to expand 911 services to include unarmed trained professionals to respond to field calls in an effort to enhance the outcomes for all. This will build stronger community relations and free up police officers to focus on reducing crime. These actions, along with fully funding the Citizens Complaint Authority, will have a measurable impact on rebuilding trust and bonds with the men and women serving in uniform and the communities that they are protecting.


Basic Services

Every day city departments are being asked to do more with less. As a councilman, I’ll reinvest in our basic services. From day one, I will collaborate with departments to find ways to operate more efficiently and effectively. As a project manager and leader, I have become skilled at eliminating waste and completing projects at or under budget.  I understand the importance of workforce diversity and making sure that all groups are welcome and invited to the table. I am experienced at working with and motivating diverse groups of people towards a common goal. As councilman, I will engage department leaders and experts to identify and enact cost-saving measures. Addressing issues in basic services, from snow removal to tax collection, is essential to a well-run city. We can elevate the delivery of basic services by becoming more innovative, transparent, customer-friendly, and accountable.

We can achieve this vision through active engagement with public employees, identify and follow best practices from around the country and utilize advances in technology.

Equality Meets Opportunity

Experienced, results-driven, servant leader with a sound understanding of organizational development providing organizations and companies with successful solutions that lead to organizational success. A project leader who is a persuasive and fair negotiator who uses collaboration, integrity, and professionalism in presenting opportunities for growth and sustainability. A skilled communicator that brings fifteen years of successful project lead and management experience meeting and exceeding project initiatives, objectives, and goals. Understands the complexities of community finance with demonstrated skills in fiscal planning, project management, and budget development. Excels at team motivation, collaboration, and effective leadership.